The Official Love Witch Pin & Spell Bundle


People always ask me why I'm a witch. I tell them it's because I want to have magical powers, but it's not like it sounds. All it is, is using your will to get what you want.

The Love Witch Pin & Love Spell Bundle comes in 3 different options!

Option 1- does not include pin or extras)
1- The Love Spell- Curated by Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop
Inside the Love Spell Bag you will receive:
1 -Bag of Herbs containing Juniper Berries, Rose Petals, Elderflowers, Vervain and Dittany of Crete
1- Pink Spell Candle
1- Spell Page right out of Elaine's Spell Book from the film

Option 2-

The Love Spell Bag and extras- (Does Not Include The Love Witch Pin)
1- The Love Spell Bag
1-The Love Witch Sticker
1-Sex Magick Condom
2-The Love Witch Cards w/ captions written by Writer/Director of the Love Witch, Anna Biller

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The Love Witch:

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