Demonic Pinfestation's Planchette


I get so many compliments on my backing cards that my pins come on that I just HAD to make a pin version!

I have called upon the spirits and they bestowed upon me a beautiful pink and black planchette that is reminiscent of the world that Demonic Pinfestation has created. Fully realizing that not everyone can relate to this world, I called upon the spirits again...but this time.. the darkness came to me and presented me with a black and white planchette that is to die for!

2" Hard Enamel, Silk Screened, Double Rubber Clutch, Back Stamp, Black Nickel Double Plated, with Clear Resin.

These are big, thick, beautifully handcrafted planchette pins!

Note* I do recommend looking into getting pin locks for these because they are heavier than the average pin.
*There is a clear piece of resin in the center, but because it's resin, it can look a little cloudy. It is not glass, or plastic.

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