Is Zelda Dead Yet?


My sister died in the back bedroom, and that's what she was... a dirty secret. I had to... I had to feed her sometimes. I hated it, but I did it. We wanted her to die. We wished... for her to be dead. It wasn't just so she wouldn't feel any more pain. It was so we wouldn't feel any more pain. It was because she started to look like this monster. Even now, I wake up and think... Is Zelda dead yet? Is she?

Is Zelda Dead Yet? - 2.5” Soft Enamel, Black Nickel Plating, Double Rubber Clutch, Epoxy, Printing, Back Stamp, Black glitter

Once these are gone, they will be gone forever! I will not be bringing these back!

Disclaimer- These pins are made with epoxy. When working with epoxy, there could be tiny marks/bumps under the Epoxy. There could also be slight dips or scratches in the Epoxy. Epoxy is very delicate and I do not consider these to be defects.

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