Open Corpses Anatomical Set / Individual Pins


Anatomical medical models are some of the most beautiful pieces of artwork I have ever seen! I am so in love with the detail that was put into these models and I truly feel that they should not only be seen, but be worn as well!

1-Dissection (Head)- 1.75" Hard Enamel, Double Rubber Clutch, Custom Back Stamp-
This is the head of the famous wax model made by Francesco Calenzouli (1796-1821)

2-Deformation-2" (Body) Hard Enamel, Double Rubber Clutch, Custom Back Stamp
This is a plaster medical model showing the effects of corset training.

3-Venus- 2" (Body with moveable torso) Soft Enamel with Epoxy, Double Plated, Double Rubber Clutch, Custom Back Stamp, Moveable Pin. Torso flips open to reveal her organs.
Magnet keeps her closed.
This Anatomical Venus was thought to be done by Clemente Susini around 1790
****This pin has moveable parts. This does not mean it's a toy! Handle with care******

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