Decaying Human Hand Specimen Pin Carla Valentine Collab


Introducing the Decaying Human Hand Specimen done in collaboration with the brilliant Pathologist, Mortician and Author of Past Mortems: Carla Valentine! (@carlavalentineuk / @past_mortems)
This comes in three color variants - Original Decay , Pink Glitter Decay and Green Glitter Decay inspired by Carla’s new shop @morticult, for all of your goth gardening needs!

These are 2.5” Black Nickel Plated, Soaked in Formaldehyde (clear resin), Soft Enamel w/ Epoxy. Double Rubber Clutch, Back Stamp🖤💕💀❤️

***Due to the nature of how these are made, There might be slight variations in the clear resin such as tiny specs or small clouded areas , small ripples, a spec of glitter in areas there shouldn’t be. I do not consider these defects. Please keep in mind these are all made by hand. *****

If you are in the UK, @morticult has the Green Glitter Variant in her shop! 🖤💕
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