The Forsaken- Slightly Defective Pins

$7.00 On Sale

These pins were abandoned...left in a corner of my closet to suffer and be forgotten completely. I have decided to give them a second chance!

These are slightly defective pins! The following could be wrong with them- scratched up or discolored backs of pins, missing enamel in small area, different color enamel used where they shouldn’t be, marks or scratches on enamel, or bubbles in the enamel, glitter in areas it shouldn’t be, or resin missing in certain areas.

Most of these pins are in near perfect condition and most of the sets only have 1 defective pin in it! I will not sell you a completely unusable pin.


***Winifred Sanderson- A whole batch came to me with the wrong enamel color in one small area. These pins are in perfect condition but have a white area where her skin color should be. Check picture where I circled the area.

**The Killers Are Coming To Prom- a lot of them have blacked out eyes. They still look cool, just be aware she might have black eyes.

*** All Painted Up Like Trash has one small mark above her eyebrow and can probably be cleaned, otherwise it's in perfect condition.

**What Is Light Without Dark Glow In the Dark Sets-
B Grade- Not very noticeable defects
C Grade- Noticeable defects
Only 1 defective pin in all sets.

ATTN: If the pin you want is not listed, that means they are sold out!

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