It’s In The Soup!


Don’t touch it! It’s in the soup!!! Don’t touch the soup!!!

2.5” Black Nickel Plated, Soft Enamel Pin w/ Epoxy - Glitter- Clear Resin Water Pitcher, Back Stamp, Triple Rubber Clutch

***Due to the nature of how these are made, There might be slight variantions in the clear resin such as tiny specs or small clouded areas , small ripples, a spec of glitter in areas there shouldn’t be. I do not consider these defects. Please keep in mind these are all made by hand. *****

50% of the profits will be donated to Animal Hope and Wellness.

This is a non-profit organization focused solely on rescuing abused and neglected animals.
What makes them different from other rescues is that the animals they take in are not only shelter animals or strays. They are animals that have been beaten, kicked, shot, run over, used for gang initiations and have been waiting for the day that someone would come to save them.

They also focus on rescuing dogs from the Asian Dog Meat Trade. The founder Marc Ching has gone undercover, and put his own life at risk to rescue these dogs from the slaughterhouses and torture chambers where the use of cruel and barbaric methods are practiced to kill dogs in order for their meat to taste better.
What I love most about this organization is that they use holistic methods to treat and heal these animals so they are ready for a family who will treat them with kindness and love.

To learn more about their organization, visit or visit their Instagram - @animalhopeandwellness

*Prices include shipping insurance, as I am not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
*Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery on international orders, but can come much sooner than that.
*If there is an issue, please email me and we can file a claim. You will receive an email after purchasing with a tracking number.
*If you do not see your country listed, please send me a message!