I am utterly... alone. You have
sealed my fate with your betrayal.
I can no longer stand to be used
like a puppet between two
deceitful worlds. By the time you
read this, I will be gone, having
jumped off...
... having plummeted off the
Winter River Bridge. Then you
will know that I am no longer a
toy in your petty feuds. Goodbye,

2.5” Black Nickel Plated
Soft Enamel w/Epoxy and 2 color printing
Double Rubber Clutch
Back Stamp
Black glitter

Disclaimer- These pins have epoxy on them. When working with epoxy and glitter, there could be a spec of glitter that ends up in an area where there isn’t supposed to be glitter. There could also be slight dips in the epoxy. I do not consider these to be defects. Please remember that these are all painted by hand.

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